More PC Optimum Points

As a PC Insiders member you get 200 PC Optimum points on every $1 spent across select categories. More points quickly translate into extra rewards. Use the PC Optimum rewards calculator below and see just about how much:


$10 / week

across the PC Insiders


And get

$104 / year back

PC Optimum points

Earn extra points without extra effort

PC Optimum
  1. Shop your favorite brands with your PC Optimum account as you normally do.
  2. Automatically receive 200 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent every time you buy from the PC Insiders participating brands
  3. Log in to your PC Insiders account to track all the extra points you collected with your subscription and learn how to get even more.

Explore the brands that give you even more*

Baby Diapers and Formulas

All baby diapers and formula products across all brands are eligible for extra points with a PC Insiders subscription.

PC Organics

The PC® Organics product line supports your lifestyle from fresh organic produce and organic dairy, desserts, beverages and much more. Explore all PC Organic products.

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh® offers essential style options to everyone in the family with exceptional value. As a PC Insiders member you receive extra points on all Joe Fresh® purchases, in store and online at

PC Black Label

PC® Black Label Collection spices up your dining table with gourmet products, from appetizers to side dishes, sauces and desserts, dips and even beverages. Explore new flavours with PC Black Label Collection while enjoying points with every purchase.


The beautyBOUTIQUE line brings you the leading brands in cosmetics and personal care through online orders at, plus all the extra points.

*Conditions apply to all benefits. See

More savings with free shipping and grocery pickup

As a PC Insiders member you enjoy free shipping and grocery pickup with PC Express. From groceries to fashion and personal care products, enjoy the convenience of online shopping. See the comparison table below to understand how much you can save with your PC Insiders subscription:

Brand PC Insiders Non-PC Insiders


Free Grocery Pickup

$30 Minimum order

$3 / $5


No minimum order

Standard shipping


or $50 minimum order

Standard shipping


No minimum order

Standard shipping


or $50 minimum order

Standard shipping

Enjoy savings and convenience with each delivery

Convenience and Savings
  1. Shop at any of the websites listed above.
  2. Ensure that you sign in each time using your PC Optimum account so we always know it is you.
  3. Log in to your PC Insiders account and track your savings.

More travel with a PC® travel services credit, every single year!

As an annual PC Insiders subscription member you receive a $99 PC® travel services credit every time your annual subscription is renewed — that’s more travel every year. The travel credit can be redeemed only once in your current PC Insiders program annual subscription period; there is no accumulation of travel credits from year to year. For more details see

Book your next trip, sit back, and relax

PC Optimum
  1. Choose any single vacation booking on flights, vacation packages, crusies, and more. For hotel-only booking choose minimum 3 nights stay.
  2. To redeem your PC Insiders travel credit use your PC Optimum program email address; your credit will be deducted from the total booking price
  3. To find out when your next PC® travel services credit is available, log in to your PC Insiders account to check your subscription renewal date.